US, Japan and South Korea air forces show off air superiority

Kim's Russian and Chinese comrades also ran joint naval exercises near the Russia-DPRK border and word is, they weren't for his benefit.


NSFW    TOKYO/WASHINGTON/SEOUL — Aircraft from the U.S., Japanese and South Korean air forces were involved in military drills this week in response to the North Korean missile launch over Japan on Sept. 14.

According to a U.S. Pacific Command news release, 4 American F35Bs and 2 B1-B bombers, along with 4 Korean F15s and 4 Japanese F2s flew in sequential military drills this week.

South Korean and American aircraft dropped live munitions at the Pilsung training range in South Korea.

The exercises were conducted in response to North Korea's missile launch over Japan on September 14, according to the news release. Japanese and American aircraft flew over waters near the south west coast of Japan.
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