US dominates at World Air Guitar Championships

America has shown the world yet again why it's the best. This time it was at the World Air Guitar Championships.


NSFW    OULU, FINLAND — Once again Americans have shown the world who's best — this time in dominating the world air guitar championships.

Matt "Airistotle" Burns successfully defended his title at the 22nd Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland last Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Burns faced off against 15 other air guitar aficionados from far places like South Korea, Pakistan, Sweden, Britain, Canada and other countries.

The Air Guitar World Championships started off as a joke, but has blown up into a yearly extravaganza which brings serious air guitarists from across the planet to Finland.
Burns helped seal his victory by banging out a heavy metal version of "I Will Survive."

After watching a documentary on the subject, he was hooked. He's been honing his skills now for the past decade. Who knows what air instrument Burns will pick up next.
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