Unlicensed Japanese body piercers slice off tip of customer's tongue


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Two Japanese men were arrested on Thursday for violating the Medical Practitioners Law. The pair, Takuma Tamaoki and Masumi Sasada, are accused of performing ear and tongue piercings without licences.

Between March and Tamaoki and Sasada ran Kizuna Body Art, a piercing specialty shop in Amerikamura, near Shinsaibashi in Osaka’s Minami District. They are accused of cutting the tip of a customer’s tongue in half with a scalpel, and giving people ear and nose piercings without a licence. Tamaoki and Sasada charged the equivalent of several hundreds US dollars for each piercing.

The case didn’t come to light until police searched their shop in December. Police are now looking into how they gained access to anaesthetic drugs. During questioning, Tamaoki admitted that he performed piercings without a licence. Sasada denied all charges against him.
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