United shoves woman's dog in overhead bin — it died

Looks like when United isn't pulling passengers off of planes, it's shoving pets into overhead bins.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

THE NOT-SO-FRIENDLY SKIES — A dog passed away on a United Airlines flight from H-town to the Big Apple after a flight attendant ordered the animal be shoved into an overhead bin.

Of course United is now in damage control. On Tuesday, the airline apologized and said it was taking responsibility for the dogocide.

It also noted that pets should never be put in the overhead storage compartment — well, almost never.

Witnesses said the woman's dog carrier was sticking out into the aisle, so a kind, thoughtful United flight attendant told her to stow the carrier and her pooch in the overhead bin.
During the flight, other passengers said they heard the dog barking. Unfortunately, after arriving in New York it was no longer barking because it died.
The dog's owner responded by collapsing to the ground in the aisle and balling her eyes out.

United takes care of its customers, which is why its paying for the necropsy and is refunding the tickets.
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