United bounces lady enroute to visit dying mother

A passenger travelling to see her dying mother was ordered off a United Airlines flight following a ticket mix-up last week.


NSFW    PUEBLO, COLORADO — United demonstrated how to #flythefriendlyskies last week once again, this time by ejecting a woman enroute to see her dying mom.

Last week Carrol Amrich was flying from Colorado to Minnesota to see her dying mom.
According to the New York Times, she checked in, scanned her ticket at the gate and got on the plane.

According to the New York Times, the ticket was bought by Amrich's landlord Ines Preslas via Traveller Help Desk, and then changed to an earlier flight through United Airlines when they heard Amrich's mother's condition had gotten worse.

But while she was strapped in, a gate agent came to remove her and said her ticket was refunded. "Nobody flies for free", the gate said to her, Amrich told the Times.

Back in the airport, Amrich called Prelas and put her onto the gate agent. Prelas offered to pay for the ticket again via credit card, saying they could work out the details later. Sadly though the flight left, without Amrich.

Next, Amrich drove 1,000 miles without stopping in a last ditch attempt to see her moribund mother, but by the time she got there her mom was gone.

A customer rep for Traveller Help Desk told the Times by email that they were sorry for Amrich's loss, and had they been contacted directly all of this could've been avoided.

Prelas said a United rep explained that changing the ticket through them wouldn't cause any problem, even though it had been booked through an online travel agency.
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