United Airlines worker knocks grandpa to the floor

A United Airlines employee can be seen knocking an elderly passenger unconscious in a 2015 surveillance video from Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport.


NSFW    HOUSTON — New security footage shows the moment a United employee can be seen attacking an elderly grandfather at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Surveillance footage from 2015 obtained by NBC-affiliate Click2Houston shows the moment that then United Airlines employee Alejandro Nesta Anastasia shoves passenger Ronald Tigner to the ground.

Tigner approached Anastasia with boarding pass issues, reported Click2Houston, citing Tigner’s attorney. Anastasia reportedly responded with a smile that he and his colleague were busy, prompting Tigner to tell him to wipe that smile of his face.

Next, Anastasia yelled, “I’ll kick your (EXPLETIVE)” and threw the septuagenarian grandfather to the ground, reported Click2Houston, citing Tigner’s attorney.

Throughout the rest of the clip no one else can be seen helping Tigner, until a nurse on her way to catch a flight stepped in.

United Airlines fired Anastasia and he was charged with felony crime of causing injury to an old person. Now he, along with United and another United employee, are getting sued for $1,000,000 by Tigner for negligence.

The new footage comes just months after video of passenger David Dao, 69, being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight went viral.
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