United Airlines accidentally flies Kansas-bound dog to Japan

A family whose German shepherd was supposed to be sent to Kansas City was instead flown all the way across the world to Japan.


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WICHITA, KANSAS — United Airlines mistakenly shipped one family's dog halfway across the globe — their second pet-related mishap in just a week.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Kara Swindle and her family were moving to Wichita, and booked United tickets to fly from Oregon to Kansas City. Their German shepherd Irgo was too big to be in the cabin with them, and had to be flown in as cargo on a separate flight.

But when they got to the cargo facility in Kansas, the Swindles were shocked to find a huge great dane waiting for them, with Irgo nowhere to be found.

The airline eventually figured out that the 10-year-old dog had mistakenly been sent on a 16-hour flight to Japan instead of the great dane.

Supposedly, someone from the pet resort at Denver airport let the two canines out during a stopover, and then put them back in the wrong kennels. Idiot.

Irgo has been checked by a vet in Japan, and was put on a plane back to Kansas on Wednesday night. Here's hoping the poor dog gets home safe.
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