Underwater sound waves key to early tsunami warning system

Acoustic gravity waves could be the key to developing an early detection system for tsunamis, scientists at Cardiff University have found.


NSFW    CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM — Mathematicians may have devised a way to calculate the size and force of a tsunami well in advance, using underwater sound waves.

A tsunami is a series of waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of water. Waves can surge as high as 100 feet and devastate coastal areas, reports Scientific American.

Tsunamis are mainly caused by underwater earthquakes and are currently detected using pressure sensors and buoys. However, the system relies on a tsunami physically reaching a buoy to trigger an alarm.

Scientists at Cardiff University in Wales have found that an early warning system can be developed by using a hydrophone to record acoustic gravity waves radiating from an earthquake.

The waves carry information about the earthquake and can be used to determine the characteristics of a forthcoming tsunami, allowing for early detection.

In the future, the team aims to be able to activate a tsunami alarm in near real-time, within seconds of recording the signals.
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