Uncut 'visual novel' adult game coming to Steam

Steam's about to get Steamy.


NSFW    THE MATRIX - A Visual novel game on Steam will be uncut when it is released later this week on the Valve platform.

Fans of raunchware developer Dharker Studios will be excited to know that a certain naughty visual novel has passed has pumped it's way Steam's review process.

That, according to Ars Technica, is primed for release this Friday.

As the game, it is for Adults Only, so Steam users need to login to view the content. Ars Technica notes, Valve's guidelines says wham bam thank you mam games are not allowed on the site.

According to a description we saw on Google cache the story will follow several women in their "early lives as they have to choose what they really love and what path their lives will take."
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