Unbelievably large rodent found in Sweden

The giant rat is reported to be about 10 inches long.


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GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN — Thanks to the food waste generated by city dwellers, rats are now a major problem in Sweden.

In October, a woman named Martina Gustafsson spotted two birds fighting over something unusually big at a park in Gothenburg. Gustafsson told Sweden’s SVT that she first thought it was a rabbit, but turns out it was an giant rat

A pest control expert in Gothenburg named Håkan Rystrand later told SVT that he suspected the giant rodent to be about 10 inches long and claimed that it is normal for brown rats in Sweden to grow to such size.

The giant rodent is definitely not the first case in Sweden.

In 2014, a Swedish family in Solna, Sweden rose to national fame after catching a giant rat with a rat trap, oh and rodent survived.
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