UN approves new tougher sanctions on North Korea

The UN Security council has unanimously approved new stronger sanctions against North Korea, following their latest nuclear test.


NSFW    UNITED NATIONS — North Korea is facing a new round of sanctions, after the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved the decision on Monday.

The New York Times reports that in the wake of the North Korean regime's latest and largest nuclear weapons test on September 3, the UN adopted a U.S.-drafted resolution aimed at preventing the country from fueling and funding its weapons program.

The resolution will restrict oil imports into the North by prohibiting the sale of natural gas and setting a 2-million-barrel-a-year cap on petroleum products.

There will be a ban on textile exports, which are North Korea's second-biggest exports, earning the country nearly $760 million in 2016.

New measures will also be put in place to prohibit North Koreans from working overseas, cutting off the $500 million in revenue generated by heavily taxing 93,000 citizens sent abroad to work.

The original resolution pushed for a full oil embargo, and included an asset freeze and travel ban for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. These were removed after negotiations between the U.S. and China.
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