Ukraine protests go medieval, Kiev rioters unleash catapult on police


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Anti-government protests in Ukraine's capital escalated into fiery street battles, as thousands of demonstrators armed with rocks and firebombs clashed with police.

The clearest sign of the escalating use of force: Demonstrators have managed to cobble together a full-size catapult.

Standing at roughly 10 feet tall, the catapult — or as some argue, trebuchet — has been used to launch bags filled with cobblestones and firecrackers at police lines.

Riot police escalated their use of force following the introduction last week of new laws against public assembly. Protesters, who outnumber them, have responded more than in kind.

In addition to the catapult, they’ve gone as far as to wield makeshift weapons and shields.

Violence came to a head on Sunday when clashes engulfed central Kiev.

According to a report by the Associated Press, police, despite facing fierce resistance, managed to dismantle the catapult early on Tuesday.

Now that the besieged have become the besiegers, what new weapons of war will we see make their way onto the battlefield, and which side will end up victorious?
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