UK okays use of Huawei for 'non-core' 5G network tech

The U.S. reckons use of Huawei technology could pose a security threat from China.


NSFW    LONDON — The UK is to let Chinese telecoms giant Huawei build part of the country's 5G network despite security concerns from the U.S, reports the BBC.

The British government has approved the use of Huawei technology in "non-core" telecommunications infrastructure, such as antennas.

The U.S. suspects Huawei tech can be accessed by the Chinese government via backdoors and used for surveillance or sabotage. According to the BBC, Huawei denies this and allegations it is controlled by the Chinese authorities.

Citing a UK source, The Times reports the U.S. shared evidence with the UK that Huawei had received financing from Chinese military and intelligence bodies.

The newspaper reports American intelligence also shared this with Canada, New Zealand and Australia. These countries, along with the U.S. and the UK, form an intelligence alliance called the Five Eyes.

Explaining the U.S. stance on the use of Huawei tech in networks, Rob Joyce, a senior U.S. National Security Agency advisor, told the Financial Times, "We are not going to give them the loaded gun."

The former advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump said, "What we will be insistent on is UK decisions can't put our information at risk but the good news is that the UK already understands that."

The BBC reports Australia won't use Huawei technology, while Canada and New Zealand are still undecided. The UK's decision to allow Huawei into the fold may sway those on the fence.

Information about the decision to allow the use of Huawei tech is believed to have been leaked from a UK National Security Council meeting on Tuesday. The leak was described to the BBC by a senior UK minister as quote "extraordinary … the security council is the holy of holies."

According to the Guardian, several UK ministers were said to have been opposed to the move and wanted a complete ban on the use of Huawei in the 5G network. The newspaper reports that top level officials including the UK defence and foreign secretaries have expressed concern over Huawei.
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