UK cop uses bare hands to stop van from falling off bridge

A police officer held on to a large vehicle leaning precariously off the edge of a bridge to stop it from falling off.


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YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM — A UK cop is being hailed a hero after stopping a vehicle from falling over a bridge using just his bare hands and sheer determination.

According to a press release from the West Yorkshire Police, the van had been driving through icy conditions on the A1(M) in Yorkshire when it skidded off the road and was left dangling precariously over a motorway bridge.

When traffic officer Martin Willis arrived on the scene, he realized the driver was still trapped and hanging upside down in the van.

Not willing to let the van fall over the edge, Motorway Martin grabbed hold of a wheel to keep the vehicle from swaying. He held on for 15 minutes until help arrived.

The rescue operation took two hours, but ended with the 22-year-old driver being rescued, and the van being pulled to safety. The poor driver suffered serious leg injuries and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Motorway Martin, meanwhile, is getting applause from all corners of the internet, for acting swiftly and saving a man's life.
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