Uber unveils new designs for Uber Eats food delivery drones

In a Forbes summit in Detroit, Uber said its drones will only be used for part of the delivery process while an Uber driver is expected to collect the meal from the drone and deliver it to the customer.


NSFW    DETROIT — Uber unveiled new designs for its Uber Eats food delivery drones at a Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit on October 28.

The drone will feature six rotors and be able to carry meals for two people, Forbes reports.

The drone will perform vertical takeoffs and landings and will be able to fly up to 18 miles per trip. Uber's Elevate Cloud Systems will track and guide the drone to its drop-off location.

Uber says the drone will carry meals from restaurants to a specific drop-off location, where an Uber delivery driver will pick up the meal from the drone and deliver it to the customer.

The company had previously mentioned it would consider landing the drones directly on top of its delivery cars in the future. These cars would use a QR code to allow drones to correctly identify which car roof to land on.

In June, Uber Eats used a previous design of the delivery drone to make a few test deliveries from a McDonald's near San Diego State University.

At the summit, Uber stated that it plans to start testing its updated delivery drone in San Diego next summer.
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