Uber unveils first look at flying taxi, uber air

Uber unveiled its prototype Uber Air, a flying taxi planned to be in our skies by 2023.


NSFW    MISSION BAY, SAN FRANSICO — On Tuesday the ridesharing company for the first time offered a look at the inside of its aviation product, Uber Air.

On its website, Uber says Uber Air is envisioned as a zero-emission electric air vehicle service, available at the push of a button and created by the company in a bid to ease road congestion.

According to the Verge, the interior was designed in partnership with French aerospace company Safran.

Four passenger seats are turned outwards to the window in rows of two. Behind the second row is room for storing passenger luggage.

The craft is illuminated in blue light and, according to Forbes, it has seats upholstered in aerospace-grade 'ultra leather,' a tough, low-friction material for passengers to easily slide in and out of.

According to Forbes, initially, the designers had envisioned a cabin more fitting to the customer's needs with charging points, cupholders, and digital screens. But Ian Scoley, a vice president at Safran's design studio, told Forbes: 'We realized for an 8-minute flight, that's all irrelevant.'

Uber states on its website that it aims to demonstrate flights in 2020 and for the service to become commercially available in 2023.

Dallas and Los Angeles will be the first places to offer this service commercially, with Melbourne being the first city outside of the U.S. to host trails.
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