Uber CEO Travis Kalanick caught on camera lashing out at Uber driver

The driver was unhappy that Uber Black had lowered its fares.


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SAN FRANCISCO — Travis Kalanick has found himself in more turmoil due to a newly released dashcam video, which shows the Uber CEO lashing out at an Uber driver about lowering Uber Black’s fares.

Published by Bloomberg News, the video was recorded on Super Bowl Sunday, when Kalanick got in an Uber black car with two female friends. At the end of the ride, Kalanick shook hands and exchanged a few words with driver Fawzi Kamel. Kamel told him that he is not happy with Uber Black’s price drop business model.

Kalanick told Kamel that he made the change because of competitors like Lyft. Kamel then told the CEO the change caused him to lose $97,000 and go bankrupt.

Kalanick, clearly annoyed, said the complaint was just plain “bulls---.” He told Kamel some people don't like to take responsibility for their own problems and blame everything on other people. He then wished Kamel good luck. Kamel also wished Kalanick good luck but said he won’t go far.

The incident joins a list of recent missteps that are damaging Uber’s reputation. On Tuesday Kalanick released a public apology to Kamel, the driver community and the Uber team for his behavior. He said he needs help with leadership.
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