UAE building Sustainable City that could be complete by this year

Take a look around Dubai's Sustainable City.


NSFW    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — The United Arab Emirates' Sustainable City is located just outside of Dubai.

Work on the project started in 2013, and is slated to end at some point in 2018. It is home to 11 so-called greenhouse 'biodomes' that act in combination with garden farms to create food.

The Sustainable City has 500 villas and 89 apartment buildings. According to Tawahul Tech, the city agreed in January 2018 to allow testing of driverless electric vehicles inside it. That is reportedly part of the Dubai's plans to make a quarter of the public transport driverless by 2030.

Cars are banned in most parts of the city, with residents getting around via electrical smart cars, golf carts, bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

According to Business Insider, 1,800 people have bought homes in the city and 900 are renting.
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