U.S. to aid Venezuela opposition by cutting off Maduro oil revenues

America has picked its Venezuelan president


NSFW    CARACAS — Reuters reports that the U.S. is backing Venezuela's opposition leader and interim president, and wants to ensure the country's oil revenues go to him.

Nicolas Maduro had been inaugurated as President of Venezuela following a re-election vote largely regarded as fraudulent.

Opposition leader Juan Gaido claimed Maduro's rule is illegitimate, and swore himself in as interim president on the basis that he is head of the National Assembly.

According to France24, Guaido told a crowd of thousands that he would install a transitional government and hold free elections.

He is backed by the U.S. and Canada, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil, and several other countries.

Mexico is choosing not to intervene, while Russia and Turkey have openly criticized the U.S. stance as an example of American colonialism.

Reuters reports that according to national security adviser John Bolton, the U.S. is focusing on cutting off Maduro's revenue sources, which are primarily from oil exports, and divert them to Guaido.

Despite international support, Guaido is not recognized by Venezuela's armed forces. He also has no influence on day-to-day administration, which includes distributing food and medicine to the populace

Maduro has responded to the Trump administration's support of Guaido by severing diplomatic ties with the U.S. He gave American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country, but Washington has refused to comply.
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