U.S. Navy's new missiles will be strike anyway in an hour

Navy officials say hypersonic missiles will be the perfect weapon for the stealthy Zumwalt-class destroyers.


NSFW    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The U.S. Navy plans to arm the fleet's newest destroyers with a classified hypersonic missile.

Citing a naval officer's remarks at the Surface Naval Association's annual symposium, Fox News reports that the Zumwalt class may obtain the Conventional Prompt Strike weapon.

The Zumwalts are stealthy warships that feature two advanced 155mm guns, vertical launching systems, advanced radars in the deckhouse, and electric drive propulsion.

No details about the prompt strike weapons are available, but Fox reports that the missile combines a conventional warhead with a ballistic missile.

This allows the U.S. to launch conventional strikes with the speed and range of nuclear weapons.

According to Fox, the stealthy warships will be able to deliver missiles to any target in the world in an hour and some targets could be struck within minutes.

The outlet reports that the missiles will potentially allow the U.S. to launch attacks rapidly and without giving away time or the element of surprise.
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