Two-year-old boy survives getting run over by car in China

A toddler miraculously survived getting run over by a car in China by a driver who was talking on his cellphone.


NSFW    JINJIANG, CHINA — A 2-year-old Chinese boy somehow survived being run over by a car.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage last week. The video starts out with the child playing in the middle of the street with no parents around.

The driver then appears, talking on his cellphone as he gets into his vehicle.

As the driver continues to talk on his phone, he starts his car and puts it in drive. At this point the toddler has made his way into the front of the car. The driver then drives off, completely running the little kid over.

After realizing what he’s done, the driver gets out of his car and picks the child up. The boy was rushed to the hospital, but luckily is okay, according to police.
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