Two Texas men die trying to Dukes of Hazzard open drawbridge

The men actually tried to jump their car over an open drawbridge


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LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA — Two men from Texas are no longer with us after they attempted to Dukes of Hazzard an open drawbridge in Louisiana, police said.

According to a Facebook post by the Louisiana State Police, driver Alejandro Cazares, 23 and passenger Roberto Alejandro Moreno, 32, approached the Black Bayou Bridge about 6 miles south of Lake Charles around 2 a.m. last Friday night.
According to NBC News, investigators said the bridge was closed to traffic and up to let a boat pass.
Police say an eyewitness then saw Moreno then got out of the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze and actually push the gate arm up.
Cazares then drove then car under the gate, picked Moreno up and then drove the Cruze toward the end of the open drawbridge.
After stopping for a moment, Cazares popped the car in reverse, then the two accelerated forward and actually tried to Fast and Furious the gap.
The car went airborne, but then gravity kicked in and the Chevy landed in the water and sank to the bottom.
Toxicology samples were obtained and were sent in for analysis.
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