Two men boiled alive after their car falls into sinkhole in Russia

Now that's one horrible way to go.


NSFW    PENZA, RUSSIA — A sinkhole opened up in a Russian parking lot, swallowing up one car.
Metro reported that the freak accident occurred at a parking lot in Penza.

According to local media, another vehicle had driven over the same parking spot minutes before, but noticed steam coming from the ground, so quickly hightailed it out of there.
That's when the two men driving in a Lada Largus pulled up and parked in the spot.
After the guys stopped the car, the asphalt collapsed right under them.
The men died "almost instantly" after being sprayed by 167 degrees Fahrenheit water inside the sinkhole.
Local media suggested that a hot water pipe had burst under the parking lot, causing the sinkhole.
In Russia, hot water is piped to buildings underground during the crazy cold winters.
The two men have not been publicly identified. The accident is now being investigated by authorities.
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