Two killed, 12 hurt after Chinese theme park slide accident

The accident occurred at the Children's Garden theme park in Taiping.


NSFW    TAIPING, CHINA — Two people are permanently dirt napping, while another 12 were injured after falling off the world's longest slide at a theme park in Sichuan last Wednesday.
According to the SCMP, the accident occurred at the Children's Garden park in Taiping, Sichuan province.
The 14 riders made up of eight adults and six teenagers were all riding on the 235-meter-long super slide at around 5 p.m.

One witness said she saw four or five rubber inflatables with people on them all crowded together, zipping down the slide.
All the people were screaming. Within seconds all the riders flew off the slide.

Apparently it had been raining all day, which made the super slide super slippery.

What's totally out of the ordinary too is that this theme park already had a real shaky safety record.
The park has been temporarily shut down by authorities to investigate the cause of the accident.
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