Two heterosexual best friends get married to avoid inheritance tax

Two best friends in Ireland tied the knot in order to avoid a big old inheritance tax bill.


NSFW    DUBLIN, IRELAND — Two straight best friends decided to get hitched in order to avoid paying around $60,000 in inheritance tax. Ah — true love.

Best pals Matt Murphy, 83, and 58-year-old Michael O'Sullivan decided to keep things simple with a small ceremony at Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital Registry Office.

Murphy had planned to give his house to his best friend, but was surprised to find out how much the inheritance tax would be.

The two have been bros for over 30 years. O'Sullivan currently crashes at Murphy's place and acts as his caregiver.

After a friend jokingly said they should think about marriage, O'Sullivan and Murphy had their eureka moment and decided to take the plunge.
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