Two Chinese women caught riding bikes in Chengdu half-marathon

The two have been banned for life.


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CHENGDU, CHINA — Two Chinese women were caught on camera riding bikes during a Chengdu women's half marathon and have now been banned for life from the competition.
The two Chinese Forest Gumps—which go by the names Yang and Song—clearly have a lifelong passion for the sport of running.
Apparently training for marathons and half marathons in China involves bicycles, particularly ones that can be found along the race routes.
According to Shine News, Yang and Song were absolutely killing it at the half-marathon on September 8 until some snitches snapped photos of the two on ride sharing bikes during the race.
It's unclear what their finishing times were, but at least Thing One and Thing Two can hold their heads up high knowing they gave it their all.
Good thing it wasn't a full marathon, Yang and Song probably would have hopped in a car or taken the bus to finish the race.
Their results were thrown out, and they will be banned from participating again.
The Chinese Athletics Association has also been notified and may further punish the two outstanding runners.

As running has supposedly gained popularity in China, so has rampant cheating in marathons.
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