Two Brisbane cops injured by stolen car


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Two Australian police officers were injured after being hit by a teenager driving a stolen car in Brisbane on Sunday night.

The two officers had pulled over a stolen car being driven by two teens on Wakley St, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane when the passenger made a run for it.

The male officer gave chase, but as the female officer approached the car it suddenly reversed, trapping her between the open door and the car body as it dragged her 20m down the street.

The car then drove off, hitting the male officer as it went.

The two officers were taken to the Princess Alexander Hospital where the female officer is being treated for suspected spinal injuries.The male officer was treated for cuts and bruises before being released.

A police dog later found the driver of the car hiding under a house in a nearby street. He was bitten by the dog on the arm as he tried to escape from pursuing officers.

The 17-year old driver is due to appear in court on seven charges including burglary, and several vehicle related offenses.

A 16-year old boy was also detained and charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle.
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