Twin skyscrapers proposed for Brooklyn waterfront development

Architectural firms Bjarke Ingels Group and James Corner Field Operations have proposed plans for a mixed-use development with a park two skyscrapers that would transform a waterfront in Williamsburg.


NSFW    NEW YORK — Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group and New York-based landscape architecture firm James Corner Field Operations have unveiled plans for a mixed-use development on the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York.

The River Street Waterfront Master Plan would consist of two sandy beaches to improve coastal resiliency as sea levels continue to rise.

The project plans to transform the area into a waterfront park with a circular walkway raised on stilts where visitors can stroll or take part in outdoor activities such as boating, Dezeen reports.

To protect against heavy flooding, the seabed underneath the park will be stepped, so it can fill up with water in an emergency.

The redesigned waterfront site would also include nature trails and bird watching sites for the public.

The two companies also want to construct two skyscrapers beside the park. These towers would include residential units and office space as well as retail stores. The buildings would also include a YMCA gym and a swimming pool.

The structures would make use of sustainable design elements such as passive solar shading.

Lead designer Lisa Switkin from James Corner Field Operations explained to Dezeen that the project would provide a better wildlife environment and allow the public to live in harmony with the surrounding water.

The project is currently waiting for approval from New York's City Hall, the Department of City Planning and other relevant authorities such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This process is expected to take two years. If approved, construction of the new waterfront could take up to five years.
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