TV crew helps save driver in flooded semi during Hurricane Harvey

A KHOU reporter and cameraman helped get sheriff's deputies to rescue a driver after when he was trapped in his flooded truck during Hurricane Harvey.


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HOUSTON — Hurricane Harvey claimed one less life in Houston after a TV crew helped save a trucker from a watery death.

KHOU reports that as heavy rains submerged most of the city in floodwater on Sunday, one semi truck driver found himself trapped inside his vehicle, which was in about 10 feet of water.

A KHOU 11 News crew covering the flooding saw the truck and spotted the man stuck inside. They urged the driver to stay put while they called for help.

Reporter Brandi Smith flagged down two sheriff's deputies who were driving past with a rescue boat and alerted them to the man's plight.

Within minutes, the deputies were on a boat and pulling the driver out of his flooded vehicle to safety.

Smith and her cameraman kept the video rolling during the rescue, and were relieved when the man, identified only as Robert, was finally back on dry land.

It was an emotional rescue, especially after deputies recounted a similar incident that happened in 2016 in the exact same location, in which a driver died after getting stuck in his truck.
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