Trump triumphs in New Hampshire as Sanders socks Clinton in 'huuuge' win

Businessman Donald Trump secured more than 35 percent of the vote after finishing second in Iowa to Senator Ted Cruz. Hillary Clinton's standing as the leading candidate among democrats is in jeopardy after getting walloped by Senator Bernie Sanders in this second set of primaries following a near tie in Iowa.


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NEW HAMPSHIRE — Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump came out on top in the New Hampshire primary, paving the way for a campaign trail that looks to go the distance.

As was expected, Sanders bested his main opponent, Hillary Clinton, dominating her by pulling in more than 60 percent of the vote in New Hampshire. Out of 24 delegates, Sanders took home 15, and Clinton the remaining nine. Following a near-tie in the Iowa caucus, this win for Sanders solidifies his campaign as a serious threat to Clinton's candidacy, which not too long ago was considered hers for the taking. This loss indicates Clinton's diminished favor in New Hampshire, a state she won in 2008 to begin a tight race with then-Senator Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, business mogul Donald Trump regained his mantle as the top dog among the republican candidates. After placing second to Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Iowa, Trump raked in more than 35 percent of the New Hampshire vote, resulting in 10 delegates. Ohio Governor John Kasich surprised analysts by pulling in nearly 16 percent of the vote and placing second, with Senator Cruz coming in third, securing three delegates. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio also earned three delegates each.

The candidates will now look to South Carolina for the next stop along the primaries.
Senator Bernie Sanders triumphs in New Hampshire. REUTERS
Senator Bernie Sanders triumphs in New Hampshire. REUTERS
Donald Trump claims a much-needed victory. REUTERS
Donald Trump claims a much-needed victory. REUTERS
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