Trump threw Starbursts candies at Merkel during G7 summit

Trump threw Starbursts candies at Merkel after world leader were "ganging up" against him.


NSFW    CANADA — Trump is no stranger to winning, and if there's a Starburst tossing title out there, it should have his name on it.

Trump was kind enough to share his Starbursts with the big kids at the G7 meeting two weeks ago, reports CBS.

Trump went into big boy mode when the other leaders were ganging up against him, reports The Metro.

The world leaders were trying to get things done while Trump was his usual Trumptastic self.

Apparently, Angela Merkel was pressuring Sunny Delight to sign a joint statement when he pulled out the candies from his pocket and said "don't say I never give you anything."

Trump initially agreed to do so, but then pulled out by a series of tweets and lashed out against the G7.
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