Trump signs $1B bill to replace Huawei equipment

Making moves.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump signed a bill into law last Thursday that will fork over $1 billion to help small telecom providers get rid of all their Huawei and ZTE Chinese garbage.
AP reports that the U.S. government considers the Chinese companies a security risk because of their close ties to the CCP.
Both companies have denied that China uses their junk for spying. Good thing China and Chinese companies have a great track record when it comes to telling the truth.
According to the AP, the FCC has already voted to bar U.S. phone companies from using government subsidies to buy Huawei and ZTE contraptions.
This bill will mostly affect small, rural companies because the major U.S. network providers don't use Chinese equipment.
The law creates a reimbursement program that small telecom providers can use when tossing out made in China spy crap.
In a statement the White House said, "The administration will not risk subjecting America's critical telecommunications infrastructure to companies that are controlled by authoritarian governments or foreign adversaries."
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