Trucker rescues Minnesota man from truck submerged in pond


NSFW    Description: A trucker rescued a Minnesota college student who flipped his pick up into a pond.

Nate Anderson was on his way to class when he fell asleep at the wheel. He hit a mailbox, then a driveway, then wound up submerged in a pond upside down. Moments later, Scott Rosenberg drove by after finishing a delivery and saw the wreck. Two good samaritans were already on the scene. They tried to open the truck’s door with a crowbar, to no avail. Then Rosenberg used the boom on his truck to fish the pick up out.

Anderson, stuck inside, wasn’t moving at first and the men still couldn’t open the door. But soon, the student was coughing and groaning and help arrived to cut him out. Anderson suffered broken vertebrae and severed tendons in his hand.
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