Trapped hoarder rescued after massive junk cave-in

The elderly woman was buried under almost a tonne of junk.


NSFW    CANLEY VALE, AUSTRALIA — An unnamed elderly hoarder living in Canley Vale near Sydney was trapped for about sixteen hours after her stockpile fell on her.

Australia's Nine News reports that the stash included eighties fashion mags and food from the 1990s.

Neighbors told 9 News that the woman and her husband have been hoarding for as long as they can remember. Apparently, the mess got so bad that her husband started sleeping in the car.

The woman's solitary bliss was rudely interrupted when a treasure trove of goodies collapsed on her Sunday evening. After she failed to respond to his regular check-up call the next morning, her husband called in the emergency services.

Nine News reports that neighbors saw rescuers break into the house via a side window.

The woman was saved, but apparently the situation was so bad that special equipment and training designed for earthquake rescue were used to dig her out of nearly a tonne of debris.
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