Trapped bobsledder Johnny Quinn harnesses Russian masculinity to break down bathroom door


NSFW    What the Foul?

As is known world fact, Russia is very manly country, with president who can do all manly things, even without the need for wearing the shirt!

In fact, old Russian proverb say that a man who steps foot on soil of mother Russia will suddenly find he has strength of 10 men and seven oxes.

And these facts were proved by case on February 9 when American bobslider Johnny Quinn found himself a long time guest in water closet in Sochi. Quinn try to come out of closet but find he is stuck inside and cannot come out.

But after Quinn remember he is standing on manly Russia, Johnny Quinn call on masculine spirit of Russia and punch door, making small hole in door to exit.

On Tweeeter, people say bathroom door was locked or jammed, but this is of course just more western propaganda. True story is door was extra closed for extra protection in Russia safest city of Sochi!

Homosexual-controlled media make say Sochi hotel have many problem, like the bad water or the broken house. But bobslider Johnny Quinn--who was before player in USA NFL--show that with manly power of Russia, any real man can become super hero.

Welcome to Sochi--the city of men!

(Please note: dorm superior asking me to tell you that America will need to pay for broken door.)
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