Transgender women will soon be able to give birth

A Los Angeles fertility expert claims men who have had a sex change to transition to female can now get womb transplants to have babies.


NSFW    LOS ANGELES — One of the world's leading fertility specialists has said that it's now entirely possible for transgendered women to get pregnant, thanks to developments in science.

The Telegraph reports that doctors have successfully transplanted wombs in uterine infertile women in recent years, and at least five babies have been born to these transplant recipients since 2014.

Experts now believe the same procedure can be conducted on transgendered women who were born male but have undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Carrying a live fetus in the transplanted wombs will likely be more complicated, and expectant transgendered women may need hormones to replicate the natural pregnancy changes that occur in women.

The male pelvis is also shaped differently than a female's, which means the baby would have to be born via caesarean section.

Of course, not everyone is on board with the idea. Some have voiced ethical concerns, since a pregnancy of this nature poses a huge risk to both mother and child.
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