Traces of poo found in McDonald's touch screens in the UK

A Metro investigation found traces of poo and other bacteria on McDonald's self-order touch screens.


NSFW    LONDON — You might want to think twice before you order off a touch screen kiosk, seeing as how most of 'em are covered in nasty gunk.

A Metro UK investigation swabbed Mickey D's touch screens from eight stores in London and Birmingham, and found a treasure trove of bad bacteria and traces of poo.

Bacteria may be everywhere, but with the amount of gut and fecal bacteria on those kiosks, they might as well have been in a hospital. These germs are extra-bad too: staphylococcus, proteus, even listeria.

It takes just one sick, germy mofo to contaminate a screen and god knows what else.
Before long, you've got diners going straight from screen to table and getting infected with dangerous diseases.

McDonald's claims the self-order screens are cleaned frequently throughout the day, though clearly whatever's being done isn't enough. They could put a hand sanitizer or two by the screens, but really, people need to be washing their hands before they eat.
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