Tourist plummets 100 ft to death in horrifying parasailing accident

The parasailor told police that Roger had accidentally pulled on a hook which unstrapped his harness. He fell more than 100 feet, smacked the shallow water and sank.


NSFW    PHUKET, THAILAND — An Australian man enjoying a routine parasailing excursion accidentally slipped off his harness and fell 100 feet to his death. His wife was video recording from the beach below.

On July 12, Roger Hussey, 71, and his Thai wife were on the 12th day of their vacation in Thailand. While on Kata beach, Roger decided to strap in for a parasailing adventure.

After he’d locked into the the harness, Roger’s wife started recording as the motor boat ripped away, with Roger and the parasailor taking off into the sky in tandem. According to the parasailor, while soaring through the air though, Roger accidentally pulled on a hook that unstrapped his harness and left him dangling. Within mere seconds, Roger lost his grip, and plunged more than 100 feet down, where his body smacked the shallow water and sank.

Witnesses on the beach came running to help, but Roger was pronounced dead in hospital a short time later. Officials say Roger’s body was laced with red marks from hitting the water. It is not yet known whether he drowned, or died on impact.

Both the parasailor and the boat captain were arrested and charged with recklessness leading to death.
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