Total solar eclipse to be visible from Chile on July 2

Time to head to Chile


NSFW    COQUIMBO, CHILE — Another total solar eclipse is coming in 2019.

Bloomberg reports that according to NASA, the total solar eclipse on July 2 will start off the coast of New Zealand, and reach its peak 1,000 kilometers north of Easter Island, lasting four minutes and 33 seconds.

A total eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth are in a direct line. It's only visible from a small area — those who see it are in the center of the moon's shadow when it hits Earth.

Parts of Chile and Argentina will be in the path of totality, but only for a brief window of time.

The Independent reports that viewers in San Juan, Argentina can expect to see 36 seconds of totality, while those in La Silla, Chile may be able to view it for one minute 53 seconds.

According to Bloomberg, a partial eclipse will be visible in Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Paraguay if weather permits.

Chile's Elqui Valley is one of the few spots on land to view the total eclipse from, and over a quarter of a million visitors are expected on the days surrounding the eclipse.
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