Total Solar eclipse to appear over in South America in July

The date is July 2 to be exact.


NSFW    SOUTH AMERICA — A total solar eclipse is set to take place on Tuesday, July 2, across South America.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers part of the sun facing Earth, according to NASA.

According to, the eclipse will start at the east-northeast of Wellington, New Zealand and make its way across the Southern Pacific Ocean.

The eclipse will appear over central Chile, and is expected to last for 2 minutes and 36 seconds. It will continue east-southeast through to central Argentina and Uruguay.

A partial solar eclipse will also appear over other South American countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, and part of Nicaragua.

This year's solar eclipse will be 70 percent longer than the solar eclipse that took place across the continental U.S. in 2019, reports

A total solar eclipse usually occurs around every 18 months, according to NASA.
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