Toronto police shoot dead ‘cornered' knife-wielding teenager


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Police shooting: Eighteen-year-old Toronto man Sammy Yatim is dead after police fired on him nine times following a brief standoff which had him cornered in an empty street car armed only with a knife. Police are receiving heavy criticism for what many are calling extreme and unnecessary force.

The 505-route streetcar was westbound on Dundas street around midnight on Saturday, July 27. Witnesses say Yatim pulled a knife on passengers and told everyone to get off.

The driver and passengers then emptied onto Dundas Street and Bellwoods Avenue. Police arrived shortly after to find Yatim still in the streetcar, alone.

One officer drew his weapon amid commands for Yatim to put down his knife.Yatim does not immediately comply. Officers then yelled “don’t move!” before firing three shots are fired.

The video shows Yatim taking step toward the entrance and an officer firing. Six more shots follow. Moments later, another officer appears to use a taser on the fallen teen.

Yatim arrived in Canada with his family five years ago and had no history of mental illness.

His sister took to Twitter to vent her grief and anger at his death.
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