Topless activists protest bull running, matador gored again

As the bull run officially starts Friday, more and more are debating whether or not bullfighting and bull running should be banned.


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PAMPLONA, SPAIN — As the nine-day ‘Running Of The Bulls’ in Pamplona, Spain approaches, activists have taken to the streets to protest bullfighting and bull running.

Around 100 TOPLESS animal rights activists from AnimaNaturalis and PETA took to the streets of Pamplona on Wednesday, wearing bull horns and with their bodies painted with fake blood, Reuters reported.

The bull run draws runners donning white shirts and red scarves from across the world to the 875-metre course through streets of Pamplona every year. Plenty of casualties subsequently occur annually.

Last Sunday, thousands gathered at Madrid’s world famous Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas bullring, where a matador Juan Miguel was gored in the scrotum. On the same day, French matador Andy Younes was gored by a raging bull, Younes somehow managed to finish the show despite his bloodied head, Spain’s El Mundo reported.

The two severely wounded matadors were later taken to a hospital from the venue’s medical facility. Doctors said Miguel is in critical condition but reserved diagnosis for the Frenchman.

The controversial bull run officially starts Friday, regardless of the naked protesters in the streets.
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