Top TomoNews science stories of 2018 that YouTube demonetized

Why, YouTube, why?


NSFW    WOLRD WIDE WEB — C'mon YouTube, it's all in the name of science!

From powerful tsunamis to discovering new organs, 2018 was packed with impressive scientific discoveries and we here at TomoNews had a lot of fun sharing them with you.

What wasn't that fun was getting scientific videos slapped with demonetization. Because apparently showing you what Otzi the Iceman ate for his last meal was too much for YouTube to swallow. We try YouTube, we try.

Since the Adpocalyspe, YouTube monetization policies have been getting tighter and tighter. And when a video gets demonetized, YouTube makes it much more difficult for that regular viewer to find it — unless the video has tons of views. So fewer people learned of these amazing discoveries in 2018.

First up on the list: an accidental discovery. Scientists were poking inside a human and accidentally happened upon a new organ. Meet the interstitium, a layer of fluid-filled pockets that can be found all over our bodies and comprises 20 percent of all bodily fluids. You'd think it would be hard to miss.

Speaking about bodies, Otzi the Iceman's frozen body carried an interesting surprise — his last meal. Turns out our hunter friend had quite a nutritious last dinner. His stomach contained fat and meat from an alpine goat, red deer meat, whole wheat seeds and a mysterious toxic fern. Yum?

Long before our friend Otzi was hiking around the Alps, humans might have been exploring Southeast Asia. Excavations in the northern Philippine province of Kalinga suggest humans were present in the Philippines roughly 700,000 years ago.

Flashforward to the 16th century and humans in Mexico are making skull towers. Researchers uncovered a collection of human skulls beneath modern Mexico City.

Aztecs used to carry out human sacrifices and then carve out the skulls of the victims and mount them on poles. We can see why this video got demonetized.

Researchers also dug up the remains of the victims of a 1,500-year-old attack in the Swedish coastal village of Sandby Borg. They are believed to have been slaughtered by raiders or a fire. Why did we think this wouldn't get demonetized?

Sadly, other videos with relevant scientific value also got demonetized. Videos showing the science behind the devastating tsunami that hit Indonesia in October, the effects of beauty products on human health, and even the groundbreaking invention of a pen that can detect cancer in 10 seconds got demonetized.

Any idea what got any of the videos in this compilation demonetized? Let us know in the comments.
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