Top five Japanese models, according to their body parts!


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Japanese entertainment producers recently voted for the nation’s most photogenic models and actresses-- as classified by body parts: face, boobs, booty, legs, and belly.

-Best Face-
Ono Nonoka(小野ののか) used to sell beer at stadiums. With her lovely face she could sell up to 400 beers in one day.

-Best Boobs-
With the busty I-cup boobs, Seto Hana(瀨戶花) won in the “best boobs” category. She entered the entertainment business last March and has, predictably, already attracted plenty of media attention.

-Best Booty-
Kuramochi Yuka(倉持由香)’s big, round, bouncy ass is her most electrifying feature and earned her the title of “most photogenic booty model.”

-Best Legs-
Kobayashi Karen(小林かれん) has been practicing ballet since her early years. This gives her perfect shaped long legs.

-Best Belly-
Well, this is slightly unexpected….Mitsuki Tama(水樹玉) took the trophy for most photogenic belly...despite her somewhat chubby appearance. Maybe that chubby fetish has made it over to Japan. ---Or did they invent that?
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