Tomcat on glucose drip after five females in one night

A tomcat was left exhausted after a long night making the rounds at a pet hotel in China.


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GUANGDONG, CHINA — A tomcat in China is making quite a name for himself.

The New Zealand Herald details that Mr. and Mrs. Zhao, owners of a Russian Blue named Xiaopi, left him at a pet hotel in Guangdong Province in southern China and made it very clear the stud wasn't neutered.

Mr. Zhao took to social media to say, "between 10:40 p.m. and 5 a.m., my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage."

Defending his fluffy Lothario he added, "that's right, all the cats were free to walk around the shop and then the employee went home."

Zhao claims the staff had the audacity to blame him for the night's events and explained that some of the cat owners didn't even want kittens.

In an attempt to avoid liability, the staff demanded Mr. Zhao explain the situation to the other owners.

The disagreement came to a close when the pet hotel apologized and offered to pay for Xiaopi's fluid therapy.

Zhao has since confirmed that Xiaopi has since regained his feistiness and is in stable condition.

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