Tofu plunges from high-rise, smashes woman's windshield

Thoughts and prayers go out to the tofu's family.


NSFW    JIAMUSI, CHINA — Not only is tofu a great source of protein containing all nine essential amino acids—it can also do wonders for your ride.
According to Miaopai, a woman from Jiamusi in Heilongjiang province returned to her parked car and found her windshield had been smashed, but not by a rock or some vandals.

Instead, on top of the shattered glass was a big old pile of soft, mushy white tofu.
Miaopai reported that the owner of the car, a woman named Zhang, thinks the tofu in question took its fatal plunge from one of the high-rise apartment buildings by the parking space.
Unfortunately, no surveillance cameras were able to catch the tofu's last moments, so finding its owner may prove to be a bit of a challenge.
If only China had some type of tofu-recognition technology in place to catch the bandits.
Perhaps all this facial recognition that Beijing is playing around with is barking up the wrong tree.
Tofu—that's where it's at.
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