Toddler hospitalised over bacterial infection from Florida beach

After taking her daughter to the hospital, doctors said there's been a lot of similar cases coming from Key Biscayne[e] area.


NSFW    KEY BISCAYNE, FLORIDA — A Florida mom is warning the public after her 3-year-old daughter developed a bacterial infection at a south Florida beach.

On July 21, Anais[f] Monteagudo celebrated her daughter Aaliyah's third birthday at Florida's Crandon beach in Key Biscayne[g].

Towards the end of the day though, Monteagudo noticed that her daughter's skin was red and swollen.

Over the next few days, Aaliyah[h]'s infection developed into blisters that appeared on her lips, face, and arms.

Monteagudo took her daughter to the hospital on July 24, where she saw others getting treated for similar symptoms, doctors said there's been a lot of similar cases coming from Key Biscayne[i] area.

In her Facebook post, Monteagudo wrote about her her daughter's pain and how she will most likely develop scars all over hands and chin because of the infection.

When Monteagudo got home, she learned that the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County had put out an advisory on July 18 warning people against swimming due to high levels of fecal bacteria.

NBC reports Monteagudo has since admitted that she should have checked the advisory to see if there were warnings before she took her daughter to the beach. She is now advising others to be more cautious before doing the same.
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