Titanic-sized fatberg found in English seaside resort

The massive lump of fat, wet wipes and grease was found in Sidmouth, Devon.


NSFW    DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM — An enormous fatberg measuring 210 feet (64 meters) has been found clogging a sewer in the seaside town of Sidmouth.
Fatbergs are lovely, gigantic congealed masses of fat, wet wipes, grease and other things you're clearly not supposed to flush down the toilet.
According to the BBC, South West Water said the fatberg was the biggest one they've ever had the pleasure of discovering.

They said it would take them about eight weeks to remove.
South West Water officials said they were glad the fatberg was discovered "in good time" with "no risk" to the quality of ocean water.
The company said that it is very unlikely that the fatberg would cause people's loos to back up.
Sewer workers first found the fatberg in December. They won't know the exact size and weight until they start to painstakingly pull it out.
A massive 820 foot-long fatberg weighing in at a whopping 130 tonnes was found blocking a east London sewer back in 2017 which took nine weeks to remove.
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