Tiny 2YO superhero saves neighbor from dying from carbon monoxide poisoning

This toddler was used to visiting he just wandered in on his own, but when he noticed something was wrong he told his mother right away.


NSFW    Most two year olds don’t understand much beyond eating, drinking, pooping, sleeping, and playing.

But our hero today is a two year old named Shan Shan, who lives with his parents in Nanjing, China.

Shan Shan was pretty close with the retired elderly couple in their 80’s who lived next door to his parents. The 2 year old would often toddle next door to play or to get a piece of candy from the elderly couple who were always eager to see him.

However, earlier this week, when Shan Shan wandered next door to visit no one answered when he knocked on the door, so the brazen 2 year old just pushed his way in. He saw the elderly husband lying on the ground in the kitchen and when he was unable to wake up the old man, Shan Shan went back to his home and informed his mother.

It turns out that the old man had been preparing lunch for himself and his wife, but had forgotten to open the windows, allowing carbon monoxide to build up from the gas stove. His wife was down at the village community center and didn’t return until several hours later.

The elderly gentlemen is now recovered and says he owes his life to the tiny tot.

Thank goodness Superman Shan Shan was there to watch out for him!
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