Tinderella ends up stuck in window while trying to grab her own poop

A woman on a Tinder date got trapped in between a small gap between two window panes while trying to retrieve her own fallen piece of poop.


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BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM — A woman in Bristol takes the cake for most horrific Tinder date ever, after she had to be rescued whilst fishing her own poop out of a window.

On Tuesday, Liam Smyth started a GoFundMe page to help pay for his broken window, which got busted during the events of his memorable first date with the unnamed woman.

In it, he relates how the evening started off romantic, with dinner at Nando's followed by wine and a Scientology documentary at his flat.

Things went awry when the woman took a dump in the bathroom and discovered that it wouldn't flush. Panicked, she picked up the turd and chucked it out the window into what she assumed was the garden. Instead, the poo fell into a gap between the window panes. Whoops.

Genius date decided she'd use her gymnastics skills to retrieve the runaway turd, and climbed headfirst into the gap. And while she did end up getting the poop out, she managed to get herself stuck in the process.

After trying to yank her out for about 15 minutes, the dude finally called the fire brigade for help. Firefighters came minutes later and freed the woman out, though not without destroying the window.

As replacing it is set to cost about 300 pounds, the dude has since taken his cause to GoFundMe.

His ridiculous first date story has raked in more than a thousand pounds on the crowdfunding site, and he says he'll donate the extra profit to two charities.

Of course, all the Twitterati want to know is when he and little miss poopy are gonna get together again.
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